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Who is Quiztionnaire?

Quiztionnaire organise contests where participants have a chance to win great prizes. Why? Our clients like to get in touch with potential customers to inform them about great offers of their products and services. This is done via email, phone, text messaging (SMS) and via personalised ads. By participating in our contests and promotions you agree for our clients to approach you accordingly.

The information we collect:

Name, address, gender, age, e-mail and phone number, plus specifics on browsing habits, usage and personal interests

Cookies are also set to display personalised ads and to operate our websites properly. What cookies are placed there?

Functional and Analytics cookies. These cookies are necessary for the functioning of the website and so we can see how visitors use the site.
Advertising Cookies. In order to offer ads on other websites, some third-party cookies are placed. These cookies do not track browsing habits and personal information but ensure that not only the same ads are continuously displayed. More information about this can be found in our privacy policy.

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